Open floor plans are taking over not only at home, but also in the Office. The desire for open air, transparency, collaboration and natural light are growing rapidly. While lower panel walls and benching workstation arrangements are great for collaboration, they can make it harder to hear on the phone or focus on tedious tasks. So, with this growing trend also comes the need for privacy stations, room dividers, and acoustical solutions. Here are some of the newest products to enhance the productivity of open plans. 








Buzzispace is an acoustical company that is branching into furniture production. Their products range from hanging panels, desk divider attachments, and privacy booths. One of my favorite products is pictured here, the BuzziVille. This series is so versatile and can solve about any furniture and space division need, with the integrated acoustical fabric to cut down on sound reverberation. 


Loftwall has a line of panels that are designed by you or your friendly designer 😉 The customization includes panel size, tile materials (they have everything from wood planks, fabric, glass, metal to marker boards), frame colors, stationary or mobile, sliding doors, and they will integrate any logo or graphics! Their in house designers will draw your ideas out and send you images of the final product so you can tweak. So, don’t think small with Loftwall, room dividers are just the basics of what they can do for your work environment! 













But speaking of room dividers… Nevins makes a pretty unique one! This divider is made up of tiles so the overall look can be customized. They have three colors of moss, stone and bark tiles to choose from, and their website has a visual builder so you can try out different ideas! The mobile room dividers are 48″w and come in two heights 56″ and 72″.  They can have the tiles on both sides or a solid surface on one side. In case you are wondering what exactly this material is… it’s actually all natural materials. The moss and bark are preserved, so they moss is no longer growing, making it maintenance free and the color long lasting! Nevins also makes a live wall, that does require maintenance, but has a room divider option, if you really want to freshen up you workspace.













Ezobord is another acoustical company, but they have more large scale space dividing options. The Work Zone Divider is a great series that can be made to fit your area’s dimensions, with sliders that stack the panels to the side or spread across to close off the space. they have several colors and patterns available as well as solid panels to give a more minimal appearance. Their panels are made of felt, so they will absorb sound, cutting down the echos across the whole space. 


Boss Design has created this neat series called ATOM that is a modular high back seating that when arranged properly can create space divisions. The great aspect of furniture as dividers is its function! It’s not just part of the work space but its actually working for you to create privacy, and with the right fabrics can even adsorb sound as well. Atom has a lot of possibilities and customization to integrate with existing products to make your space more functional. 












Glass walls are by no means a new invention, but they are multiplying and becoming more useful in the office setting. ALUR has a wide variety of wall solutions from clear glass to integrated colored, frosted, or even wood panels. This variety can allow you to create private stations or conference rooms, or keep everything clear so the light can spread while keeping the noise levels down. 












Privacy Booths with roofs are a new trend emerging into the contract furniture market. This one is part of the RE benching series by OFS brands. This line has some great solutions, but I really like the versatility of this privacy booth. It isn’t dark or claustrophobic, comes in a variety of sizes and the frame can come in any of their laminate finishes. Booths like this can be place at the end of a run of benching or cubicles, against a row of windows without blocking the light or in an unused corner. 

I hope this helps you solve any of your space division and privacy conundrums! If you have any questions about these or similar products don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our designers. 

Happy Designing!